Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 10: Hotel Room - Buffet

Ah, a much needed zero day. We slept, we ate, we watched T.V., (which we haven't watched in years and we were truly shocked at how weird it was.) We soaked our feet in the pool and the tub, it was glorious. 

My feet feel much better and are sufficiently dried out. Hopefully I don't have to tape them anymore. I plan to get some gel insoles and see if that will help alleviate the pressure and a variety of new socks. I also haven't been wearing my gaiters since I got new shoes as I didn't have Velcro to hold them down and that birthed some new blisters which I hope to remedy in town. In short, I hope to get it all figured out! Yay!

I think with the new stress my body is all wigged out. I have a rash on my lower back, probably from my backpack and my psoriasis is on over drive! I started my moon two weeks early and that will be a new learning curve on how to deal with my period on the trail.

I'm not being sarcastic at all when I say this, but I am happy to have this opportunity to learn all these new things. I was homeless two different times in my 20's when I was strung out and trying to get clean, and that time shaped me. I learned what was important and what wasn't and how to really survive. This, my friends, is not being homeless at the beach, lemme tell you. I have money now and no where to spend it! :-)

I know that real growth comes when you crack open the old shell so the new you can expand. My shell is pretty cracked and now it's just a matter of pushing out the sides.

I feel hopefull today. My head is back in the game! But maybe that's because I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. :-)

Until tomorrow!

Note: (my comments won't post still)
Brewella, your comments make me laugh! ;-D
T-Rex, thank you for sharing your experience! That is so helpful!
Thank you all for the feed back!

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