Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 17 - Idyllwild Zero!

Well, there's not much to report today. It was a sea of eating, shopping and sleeping.

Idyllwild has be amazingly pro-PCT and we received discounts and free stuff at nearly every place we went. The Idyllwild Inn has been awesome. The rooms are large and comfortable with wood burning fireplaces and the staff does your laundry for free!

Tomorrow we will hike out via the Deer Springs trail. Most hikers are going to the peak of San Jacinto via Devils Slide trail but we've been to the peak several times and are foregoing that side trip. According to Hikin' Jim, who is my go-to guy for Inland Empire trails, the Deer Springs trail is less mileage and gain to return to the PCT. That's all I needed to hear!

As for feet, we went and got a massage but the therapist was more of an energy worker than deep tissue, so we were left wanting, but she did give us a tennis ball to bring with us to roll out our muscles. We went to the outfitter and I picked up some Darn Tough socks, as I think my Injinis are aggravating my metatarsals and many hikers swear by them. I cut my gel inserts to only pad the toe and am going to try my blue superfeet again to see if that helps. I can't buy new shoes every town stop, but I know something needs to change. Don't worry, I am resourceful, I'll make it work!

Many people have dropped out of the hike and their decision confuses me. Quitting doesn't even register as an option to me unless I am physically broken. Honestly, and I know this makes me sound like a dick, I'm glad some of them are dropping out. If statistics translate to reality, everyone who drops out increases my chances for success. I know. That sucks to say. I feel terrible for those who've had injuries and family illness and I send all of my love to them. But the people who were so passionate about doing the trail and are now able to just quit or change course confuse me. But, I guess we all really do need to hike out own hike. On trail and off.

Right now, it's 9pm and I'm full. I just got out of the shower where I got to shave and even use conditioner! I'm cozy in bed and ready for sleep. Tomorrow we hike in the forest, which makes me happy and we get closer to the infamous Fuller Ridge section.

Until tomorrow! Goodnight!


  1. Good luck with the Darn Toughs, I've been wearing them for a while now and I really like them. It sounds like you're getting your fighting spirit back.

  2. I like Darn Toughs a lot too.

  3. I agree so much with your comments about people who just quit. Why would they leave the trail other than a medical issue or family death. I don't understand but then again people are soft and and when things get tough they bail out so this is just another example of people weak minds.
    The old saying when the going gets tough the tough get going ---now it is when things get tough we will just quit -- we will just give up

  4. Read back through some of your old posts and imagine you never stopped feeling that way or "found the positive" in the hike. They say this is more a mental challenge than anything, and while the trail makes us all physically fitter not everyone gets better at being lonely. I don't want to sound like a dick either, but in hiking your hike with one of the people you love most you have a daily support system many who have quit so far may not have enjoyed. In starting mine close to home I've been able to experience some of the same and not had to do my "separating" all at once. I have walked alone more days than not, but knowing I would see someone I care about in the next town away. I feel like the first few weeks would have been much harder mentally and emotionally had I come from another state and been totally isolated here. So I would say it's really not for us to judge. Happy hiking!

    1. Agreed. I was not passing judgement on anyone. I was simply sharing my honest thoughts about how I am processing what is happening on the trail.