Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 25: Big Bear Zero

We woke around 6:30 and hit the continental breakfast like a hurricane. After breakfast we came back to the room to decide what to do with the day and I ended up conking out in a carb induced coma. It was glorious.

I woke again around 11:30 and we headed out to catch a bus to the post office. Everyone was very nice on the bus and very helpful, almost too helpful and Josh and I got off the bus more confused about routes than we were before.

I retrieved my box from the post office and Josh and I immediately tore into it anxious for different shoes. We put them on and both of us were alarmed that they didn't fit. I told Josh we needed to wait until tomorrow as out feet are both super swollen from the soaking and surgery we performed on them the night before. We headed back to the bus stop which took an amazingly long time to arrive and were joined by two very smug hikers. We were passed by them yesterday while at the creek when we were tending to our feet and they wanted nothing to do with our pleasantries and blew on by. We figured they were just in a rush to get to town, but here we enjoyed their lovely attitudes again and were perplexed at why they acted that way. I suppose we won't get along with everyone we meet on the PCT and that's ok.

We perused Walgreen's for supplies and ended up leaving with more stuff to eat. I love being in town and getting cleaned up and fed but now it's becoming a bit overwhelming and I long to be back on trail, foot pain or not. Things seem to make more sense there: you eat, hike, think, rest, repeat. I know how to do that.

Were now going through gear and washing everything out while looking at the map for our next leg to Wrightwood. Tomorrow we'll decide if were staying another night or not and find a place to buy new shoes and socks.

Until then, goodnight!


  1. Wow, hope those feet heal soon. That you're still walking on them shows incredible determination.

  2. Gnarly blisters! You guys are doing it!!