Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 33: Mile 332.4 - Mile 341.8 + .5 or so off trail to Mcdonalds and food!!

We woke to find the tent covered in condensation, which we found odd since the wind was blowing. We packed up quickly because today is Mcdonalds day!! I flew down the trail and the first few miles were a breeze until it hit...HUNGRY! I had to stop, even though we were rushing to get to Mcdonalds, and eat something. We were barebones on food and I had no snacks left so I reconstituted some mashed potatoes with cold water. It was pretty gross and gave me epic heartburn but my tummy was quiet and I had enough energy to climb out of the canyon we were in.

The trail wound in weird directions and the wind blew hard and cold. I was not having a good time. Hungry, hungry, hungry, hungry...

We dipped down off the windy ridge line into another canyon and I was surprised to see so much water flowing. I spotted a California racer snake in the brush, but as the name suggests, he was too fast for me to get a picture. Josh, however, spotted and caught a huge horned lizard and he was very happy at doing so as he's been trying to catch one since then San Filipe Hills.

We stayed in this canyon for a couple miles as we neared Interstate 15. At one bend in the canyon the smell of brakes and clutch was overwhelming. We could hear train horns so loudly it sounded as if they would come around the canyon bend at any second, until, at last, we popped out and were face to face with a line of big rigs waiting at the weigh station. We descended a bit further and saw a sign telling us it was 2,296 more miles to Canada but only 0.4 to MCDONALDS! I don't even like McDonalds in the real world, but damn it sounded good now!

We walked the road to the restaurant and opened the door where we were greeted by Heat Wave and Smuggles who were busy munching away. We ordered double cheeseburger meals, chicken nuggets and ice cream! We took a table next to Heat Wave and Smuggles and Josh used an outlet behind a trash can to charge his phone. Shortly after, All Day Long, Sock Pot and Zen Dog arrived and we chatted across tables. Well, really they chatted and Josh and I listened like we were eavesdropping which is part of our social awkwardness I guess. The group was planning to split a hotel room in Wrightwood and asked if we wanted to join which prompted us to think about our plans.

Our battery pack was dead and so was my phone, our sleeping bags and tent were wet, All Day Long said the rooms in Wrightwood were $120 to start and there was no laundry services and the weather was ugly and cold. We played with the idea of forfeiting our 15 in 15 challenge and get a room for the night at the Best Western.

Just then Timone and The Ambassador who are a part of the AT crew came in and they were glad to see us! We were glad to see them too and we talked about Kick Off and the trail so far. I guess Timone and most of the AT crowed have a really bad wrap on the PCT which I found odd since they have been some of the nicest people to us on the trail. Timone told us they had stayed at the Best Western and that at $60 a night with laundry and breakfast it was a great deal. That sealed the deal for us and we bid everyone good bye and packed up to walk over the freeway to the hotel.

We checked in without a hitch as the mailman was dropping off package after package of priority mail boxes to the front desk. They remarked to each other how there were so many more boxes this year over previous years. Once in the room I showered and proceeded to do laundry and dry out our bags and tent before we went across the street to subway. We ate and watched Lethal Weapon until we passed out.

Right now, it's 8pm the next day, I was pooped and so, I'm writing two posts back to back. I'm glad I have my photos to help me remember the stuff that happened! Now I'll go write the next post.

Until then, goodnight!

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