Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 38: Mile 384.3 - Mile 403.6

We woke up to more wind and let out an audible groan. No more wind, pleeeaasseee! We broke camp and headed out shortly after 7 as usual and the trail dropped down for a couple of miles to Hwy 2. We used the facilities there before heading out...on the wrong trail. We dropped down a ways before we realized we were going the wrong way and had to climb a steep slope back up. When we rejoined the PCT it started to climb steeply for a couple miles and Josh and I tried to do this relaxing/meditation thing that Far Out said worked for him to get up Baden Powell. It worked fairly well for me until I was in the final stretch and then I got cranky as usual. When we did reach the top we sat down and took in the views of the greater LA area and ate a snack. We were soon joined by three other hikers and we chatted for a while.
Josh and I were the first to leave from the break spot on top of the mountain and we dropped down to Hwy 2 again where I confirmed our upcoming detour. We had a small stretch of uphill to go before we met again with Hwy 2 at Eagles Roost Picnic Area. There we saw Huckleberry the dog and gave him a quick pet before finding a picnic table. We a lunch of summer sausage, Romano cheese and hot mustard in pita (notice the theme of eating? Constantly eating!) and were again joined by the group we sat with on the mountain.

Josh and I left the picnic area and started on our 2.7 mile road walk to detour around the Endangered Species Detour. As we walked I thought those frogs better be making some babies over there! We arrived at the Buckhorn Campground as per the detours and dropped in via the exit lane to see two hikers packing up to leave who pointed us to water. We sat again and cameled up and, yes, ate some more. We were joined by two guys one named named Darwin and the other Fenna and later, Far Out and a lady named Sprinkles.

Darwin and his friend were first to leave while the rest of us poured over our maps and notes on what the trail had in store for us next when someone mentioned you only had to road walk another mile or so to get back on the trail which would cut out about 2.7 miles of detour. Josh had mentioned this before and I didn't really think of it one way or the other until the group started to come to a consensus. I suggested we flip a coin, heads we take the road and tails the came up heads. I told Josh that this fits in to my plan for continuous footprints to Canada so I don't feel like I'm cheating.

Far Out, Sprinkles, Josh and I headed out on the road and after a quick jaunt we arrived at the trail. Honestly, it was a good decision, not only did it save my feet and morale but I was able to hike even further than planned for the day. We descended toward Camp Glenwood which was our next water source and on our way crossed the 400 mile mark!

FOUR HUNDRED MILES. No hitching around closures, we walked all the way. Damn, I'm proud of us!!!

After several photos we continued to the camp which is a privately owned cabin with several camp sites surrounding it. We had originally planned to camp here but since we were in such good shape we opted to get water and eat dinner here before pushing a little further.

My dinner tasted gross, I don't know what flavor noodles it was but it was nasty. I added all manner of taste altering elements but ended up sucking it down. While looking at the maps on my phone a message from Pillsbury came in. It seems she had to press her SPOT device and be taken to the hospital where she had her appendix removed! Holy crap! I'm glad she is ok! I'll get more details when I have service again.

We planned to shoot for another six miles to Sulphur Spring Trail Camp and Far Out was down for the hike too so we all packed up and headed out. The sun was low in the sky and blazing hot, a messenger of warm weather to come I'm sure and at about 2 miles into our six I knew we weren't going to make it. I was starting a new blister and Josh was feeling worn out. We got to Hwy 2 and told Far Out we were going to camp. He decided to push on and we bid him goodnight.

We climbed above the parking area and saw two other hikers cowboy camping. We looked for a space that was free of Poodle Dog Bush and pitched for the night. We cleaned our feet and I realized I had not taken off my shoes and socks once during the day which was probably why I was threatening a new blister. We tried to make sense of the up coming Poodle Dog Bush detour but we will just have to see what's what when we get there.

Right now it's 8:30 and our little camp area has gotten packed. There is some kind of bumble bee flying around and he sounds like an old Buick. I wonder how the cowboy campers are doing with him buzzing around and bouncing off of things. Josh and I have finished taking silly pictures and giggling like little kids in the tent and are now cuddling and ready for bed.

All in all, even with the detours and road walks we pulled a 17 mile day and I feel great. People have started to get really cool and I'm starting to have a really good time. I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store.

Until then, goodnight!

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