Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 41: Mile 440.3 - Mile 444 A Nero at the Acton KOA

We woke as usual and I was moving slow. I knew we only had 4 miles to go and that I had nothing good to eat so it was hard to get moving. Josh inspired me with visions of good things in town and I broke camp quickly.

The trail climbed and meandered in it's weird redundant way until we dropped out at a trailhead parking area. There we met Coppertone who usually makes thru hikers root beer floats in the afternoons but since we were there in the morning he gave us fruit and cookies. The day was blazing hot and we were glad we got an early start. We walked thru the KOA campground aimlessly looking for the office, or food, or water, anything to meet our needs. We found the restaurant but it was closed, We went to the office but it was closed too. We opted to rinse our faces off in the sprinklers which the KOA employee thought was hilarious. She opened the office and we followed her inside where there was cold drinks and ice cream! We reserved a camp site for the night and bought all kinds of treats before heading back into the day.

We grabbed a space in the shade and spent the day doing laundry, showering and eating. Far Out joined us for the day and we watched the campground fill with other hikers carrying massive quantities of beer. For me, it was exactly like high school, me and my two friends amidst a sea of cliques. Everyone was very nice though and I enjoyed people watching.

Right now it's 8:30pm and I had to retreat to the tent to escape a swarm of Mosquitos who seem to have been biting only me. :-/

We are planning to wake at 3:30 am and head out for the Saufly's ten miles away. It has been so hot we hope to get there early and siesta for the day before heading out again. I hope all goes according to plan and that hiker midnight rules apply when cases of beer are involved.

Until tomorrow, goodnight!

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