Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 44: Mile 474.6 - Somewhere On The Side of Pine Canyon Road

We woke and broke camp quickly and started hiking at 6:45. The trail wound it's way around and finally let out on a road near Green Valley Ranger Station. Josh and I filled up our water, threw away our trash and ate a snack before starting our long road walk. It was to be about 24 miles from here to Hiker Town.

The road went thru a very rural area next to Lake Elizabeth and most people we passed knew we were on the PCT and waved to us. One guy we passed asked us how far we were going, I told him all the way and he responded that we were a bit late. I told him we were right on time. He said we need to hurry to get thru the desert before it gets too hot and I agreed and bid him good day, but he'd already pushed my button with that comment seeing as I'm sensitive over that subject anyway. Josh and I cracked jokes to deal with our irritation.

We used the bathroom at Lake Elizabeth picnic area before pushing on toward Lake Hughes. We arrived soon after at Lake Hughes which was nothing more than a very green pond. There were motorcycles everywhere and we walked by a building swarming with bikers and made out of stones called The Rock Inn. I could smell food and saw one hiker coming out but I felt really nervous about going in. I decided about 9 years ago that me and biker bars have had our moment and we have no flames to rekindle. We talked to the waitress who was out front and she invited us in very kindly. We walked in and put our packs down and saw Lorax, Homegirl and T.Fox sitting at a table and sat next to them. The bar atmosphere was not overwhelming and I felt much better. We ordered deep fried pickles and a double western bacon cheeseburger with fries that I could hardly fit my mouth around. It was glorious! After we went to the store and bought ice cream to eat as we set back out on the road.

We walked forever and our feet were killing us. I wanted to push it all the way to hiker town but wasn't sure if we could. We met with Homegirl who was resting on the side of the road and she wanted to stealth camp with us somewhere off the road and was looking for safety in numbers type thing. We walked about a mile further and found a flat spot behind some trees and set up camp. We all retreated to our respective tents and laid around for the rest of the evening. I was feeling poorly having started my moon and was glad to rest for a while.

Right now it's 10:30am the next day and I'm sitting at Hiker Town. I couldn't blog because my phone was dead and somehow we lost the charger at the Saufly's. We think we hiked/walked 19 miles but we aren't sure. I am anxious to get to Tehachapi! I want to zero at dads!!

Until tomorrow, goodnight!


  1. Hi Mandie! I've been enjoying your blog. My son is on the trail, too. He's at Cajon Pass tonight, so he's a bit behind you, but this is only Day 18 for him. He has really been putting on the miles and is loving it. His name is Dylan. Yesterday we met him at Silverwood Lake and took him to the Hesperia In-N-Out for lunch. We plan to meet up with him again in Agua Dulce (Vasquez Rocks). Take care and keep hiking! I'll keep reading about your adventures. Stay safe. ~Susan

  2. I've read similar comments lately from other thru-hikers lately about random comments from strangers on the trail, hinting that mileage is somehow your sub-par or going so far as to offer misleading water or weather information. What's up with that? I can only imagine it's a form of envy or sour grapes from someone not brave enough to chuck everything and live a dream.