Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 77: Zero - Portland OR - Burns OR

We woke and ate at the continental breakfast and it was a scene for sure. One lady missed the bowl while trying to release the cereal from the bulk bin and just walked away, leaving a pile of corn flakes on the counter. Another lady stared at me the entire meal from across the room while chewing on what can only be described as cud. We made haste to finish breakfast and stepped out into the drizzly morning.

We headed east and Josh took me to see Multnohma Falls and the surrounding area and it was beautiful. We walked to the bridge across the falls and were reminded of how rude people are. We watched groups walk three wide down the trails causing others to have to stop and squeeze by. We watched as people hogged the view from others or photobombed others pictures even when asked to move. Needless to say we didn't stay long and drove away along the scenic route. Josh saw a good view point and waited with his signal on for traffic to pass so we could park across the road, when a lady blocked his turn and stole the parking space. I was proud of Josh for not killing her but really, she deserved it.

We gave up on the tourist trap and headed southeast. All this human interaction really made us miss being on the trail. It is nice to duck in and out of civilization but not really be a part of it. The terrain changed rapidly, turning to volcanic desert. We got lost in what is called the Oregon Outback and marveled at the miles of columnar basalt.

The drive was long and relatively lack luster until we arrived in a little town called Burns. We secured a hotel room at the Best Western for the night. We've eaten Oregon version of Mexican food and are now off to bed.

Until tomorrow, goodnight.


  1. I used to live in Burns! Not too far from that Best Western. You know...section hiking kind of rocks. You could think about that.

  2. You were very close to your uncle Ray when you were at the bridge and the overlook. I have been to both places. Beautiful.