Saturday, July 12, 2014

Back up Kearsarge Pass

Well, we did it. We came back to the trail! My brother Eli drove us and we stopped in Whitney Portal on the way up to show him the area since he has never been.

 After touring the Eastern Sierra he took us to the trailhead and waited for us to hike out of sight before he left to be sure we wouldn't bail again. Josh wasn't real excited about heading back up Kearsarge and tried to hide in the trunk. 

We put in a couple miles and are now camped at a lake swarming with mosquito. I have to be careful not to touch the side of the tent or they slip their proboscis thru the mesh and bite. Josh doesn't want to be on the trail anymore but he refuses to be the one to cry uncle, so we hike on.

Tonight's gratitude check:
-I'm glad I traded out my sleeping bag; I'm grateful to be warm.
-I'm grateful for the amazing view of the alpenglow as the sun set behind the pass
-I'm happy to not be sick

Until tomorrow, goodnight

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