Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Start Date and Gratitude

Our footprints begin at the Southern Terminus on April 5, 2014

Are we insane? Yes, definitely yes.

Special advance thanks go out to:

My life mentors
-Brita and Richard-
Brita will be taking on the task of sending our resupply boxes.
Richard is my boss and gave me SIX MONTHS off work to do the hike.

My awesome friend
I will be mailing him my posts from the trail and he will make sense of them and post them here. He is also going to hold the fort at work in my absence.

My amazing brother
 who has made HUGE financial donations to my hike as well as caring for my furry kids while I am gone.

My awesome
who will be paying part of my phone bill while I am gone.

Brandi for the use of her vacuum packer, Heather and Tracy for their input on shoes and socks and the rest of my friends and family who have endured my ENDLESS talking about this hike and hiking in general for the last several years.
I love you ALL!!

Check back in April and follow along!!

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