Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013 Hiking Rewind

2013 was a difficult and fantastic year for me. 
I got divorced, began reinventing myself according to my own specs, met (and adored) Josh, started the blog, and got really serious about thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

Here is a list of the hikes from 2013 - The year I learned how to put myself first.

May 2013

June 2013

July 2013

August 2013

September 2013

October 2013

November 2013

December 2013


  1. I'm glad that you were able to turn your year around! "The year I learned how to put myself first" - I like that. It looks like you hike around a lot of my stompin' grounds. You seem pretty cool, and I'd like to meet you one of these days. I've been following your blog for a little while, but I can't remember if I've commented yet.

    Anyway, maybe I'll see you out there on the trail one of these days. I'm looking forward to following your hike!

    1. Hey Erin! Thanks for the comment! I'm always down to meet new friends, feel free to find me on Facebook. I'll be at the ADZPCTKO this year too. Thanks for reading and being so supportive!

    2. Hey! I was thinking about attending ADZPCTKO this year as well, as I am tentatively planning to hike the trail next year. I haven't been able to find any information about registration for it as of late, though. Have you had any luck with registering yet?

    3. I haven't seen any registration stuff yet either. I heard it should come available in February. Hope to see you there!