Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ten Miles at Scissors Crossing

Josh and I got a late start on Saturday, after one of my cats flipped out and attacked Josh's leg. My female cat screamed after Josh accidentally stepped on her tail. This caused my male cat to freak out and latch on to Josh's leg, when he (the cat) couldn't find a way out of the room. The flight instinct seems to be trumped by fight in my special needs cats. Sorry Josh! 

After we got Josh all cleaned up he still wanted to go hiking! What a trooper! So we packed up our gear, and after running some errands, made our way to Scissors Crossings in the Anza Borrego Desert: PCT mile marker 77.

We arrived at the trail head around 1:30pm. The air was hot and dry as we walked the road to the trail off HWY 78. As we crossed into the State Park boundary, we found an old table with a metal box and the remnants of scissors inside.

Continuing on, we began the first series of switchbacks climbing up the San Filipe hills.

The desert was lush and green with flowers starting to bloom in the brush. It's only January and already starting to look like spring. We found a rock shaped like an arrow and after taking the photo, marveled more at its camouflage against the hill, than it's shape.

From our study of GoogleEarth, we imagined this section to be a canyon walk between two hills. We soon discover it is a ridge walk of sorts hanging on the west side of the mountain.

We spotted many great campsites on our hike. They were situated in alcoves that appeared to have once been waterfall basins. 

It was warm in the afternoon sun and we were grateful for the breeze as we continued on. We decided to hike in about 5 miles before turning around.

Walking through a large burn area we were surprised to see several rock fire rings. We weren't sure if these were the cause of the fire or used after, but they were still concerning. Even in the burn area, the landscape was breathtaking.

We hit the five mile mark and sat down for a snack. The sun was hanging low in the sky and the wind was dying down. We checked Josh's leg, which was giving him fits, and he took some Advil before we started out again.

With only an hour or so left before the sunset, we accepted the challenge to make it back to the truck before it got totally dark. 

We made it to mile 3 on our return journey as the sun slipped behind the hills, casting pink and gold across the trail. This is Josh's favorite time of day. He stopped and turned to me with a smile, "tonight, we will be IN the alpenglow!" he said.

With only a little light left we pushed through the last couple of miles.

We arrived at the truck in the last of the twilight and headed for dinner and lots of ice water. 
After we got home and showered, Josh found his leg was in bad shape. We ended up going to the ER and getting him a tetanus shot and some antibiotics. He is feeling a bit better now, but still having a hard time walking.
Send him good juju, my lovely readers, for fast healing!!

Here is a mug shot of the culprit...Bad Boy Joey.

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